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Last part of the trip!

I’ve completely neglected this blog! We’ve been back from the States for over two months now, and last time I posted, we’d just started the Tour. We spent the remaining eighteen days after it touring California before flying to Florida for three and a half weeks.


Anaheim is only a thirty-minute(-ish) train ride from the centre of LA, and is a very pretty spot, but of course, there is only one reason anyone goes to Anaheim unless they live there – Disneyland! The original theme park in the glorious Disney empire, Disneyland Park is the only park in said empire that Walt himself oversaw the construction of. It also shares a ridiculously small amount of rides with the other parks, justifying our visit for five nights. We managed to pick up an “Honorary Citizen of Disneyland Resort” badge whilst we were there (mainly cause they were out of “First Visit” badges) and managed to have a nice relaxing time, especially after the stress of the tour. We also enjoyed a ridiculously huge cake at Outback Steakhouse – it was only 1,000 calories, and suggested for three people. We actually had to give up and bring it back to the hotel and put it in the fridge and ate it on our last night there.

San Diego

When I posted the last blog, we were on the (remarkably plush) train from Anaheim to San Diego. After five nights in Anaheim, we had to tear ourselves away from the lights and sights of Disneyland to the most south-easterly city in the United States – San Diego. We only had four nights in San Diego, so decided to only do the major sites – Old Point Loma Lighthouse, SeaWorld (much to the irritation of Lawrie Brailey) and the USS Midway. Despite a run-in with SeaWorld (who advertised their water park as being just minutes away, when it was actually less than two miles from the Mexican border, and two hours away on public transport), we really enjoyed San Diego, and it was by far the most relaxing bit of the Californian adventure so far.

A proper visit to LA

For the last eight nights in California, we travelled back to LA – Hollywood in particular. In addition to a return to Universal Studios (obviously – we had an Annual Pass to use!), we saw sights such as the Griffith Observatory (Amazing Race 22 Start Line!), the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Amazing Race France task site!) and of course, Pasadena, where we took our L’il Sebastian plush back to his spiritual home at Pasadena City Hall. If you don’t know what the end of that sentence means, go and watch Parks and Recreation – do yourself a favour! We used the Hollywood part of the trip as a more quiet endeavour, mainly because we knew what was coming next – the biggest part of the trip, and the part where we were most likely to see well over 75,000 people in a day – Florida.


The last part of our trip took us to the Sunshine State, the home of not one, but FIVE of the top ten theme parks in the world in terms of attendance, at the busiest time of the year, with our trip coinciding with 4th July celebrations. It is also the home of two of the top three water parks in the world. As a side note, by the end of the trip, we’d been to seven of the top ten theme parks, and eleven of the top twenty, which is a pretty impressive stat.

We’d chosen the Maingate Lakeside Resort as our base, as it supposedly had great links to the theme parks (Disney and Universal), but as we found out, the Disney parks were closer if we walked, as it was only around a mile away by foot. We only visited Universal Florida once, but it was full of surprises, as I discovered that one of my classmates from high school worked at the Simpsons Ride, which was a very surreal moment when I said hi to him in the queue.

The hotel was comfortable enough – we weren’t planning on spending much time there anyway (at least in comparison to the other hotels), but it did have one major benefit – a Pizza Hut on site. Even better, there was an offer on allowing us a refillable cup for $10.70 (about £7.00), allowing us to refill said cup any time we wanted whilst it was open throughout our stay. This as you can imagine was abused, and we more than made our money back.

We decided to spend 4th July in Epcot, as Magic Kingdom was forecast to have 100,000 people (also known as a Phase 4 closure) on that day, despite it being a Thursday. Epcot is also home to, in my opinion, the world’s greatest fireworks show – IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, which has around 2,000 fireworks added as an Independence Day celebration. We watched a patriotic concert at the American pavilion to start the day, and it was as over-the-top as you can imagine. Thankfully, Disney provide wi-fi in all the theme parks now for free (a great help when using their app), so it was there that I found out another classmate from my high school class was also at the same concert. I suspect there must be something in the water at BRGS that makes us all come to Florida in early July. We also had a day trip to Miami, which featured an Everglades airboat ride and Miami Harbour Cruise – I didn’t really enjoy it, but if you’re into the sort of trip where you look round islands where famous people live, it probably has much more appeal. We left Florida feeling very pleased with ourselves for a holiday well done, as well as a little homesick (although not necessarily pleased to come back)!

All-in-all, a job well done – we were disappointed at some aspects of the holiday, but nothing was bad enough to ruin our impressions of the US. We travelled somewhere in the region of 10,000 miles (3,000 of which were in the tour alone!), and spent 77 nights in (on the whole) beautiful surroundings. Thanks to all who helped us with this trip, whether it be work allowing us the time off, our parents for helping us with a load of the planning, and Tim Johnson at Travelbag, who put up with my nagging and helped sort the flights, tour and some hotels. I’ll be back tomorrow for one final post, where I’ll be imparting some advice on how we sorted out a trip of this magnitude. I’ll then be starting my coverage of American shows this year – I’m thinking I’ll be covering Survivor, The Amazing Race and Revolution, with a possible appearance by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Revolution – “Ghosts”, or Crossbows, Flash Drives, Swords and Machine Guns #revolution


Revolution for me is generally the equivalent of theme week on a singing show, only instead of bad versions of Bon Jovi, Motown or classic rock songs, it’s always the scumbags-being-murdered-in-gruesome-ways theme week! So far in 11 episodes, we’ve had branding, stabbing through the heart (with both sword and screwdriver!) and, who can forget all the samurai swords?!


  • I’d say they want to cheer us up – within 20 seconds, they’re showing Danny dying again!
  • They obviously can’t be bothered bringing Graham Rogers back to take part in the grave scene though.
  • There’s a lot of talk of increasing resistance – Charlie’s resistance to her mother’s sudden reappearance, Miles’ desire to build up the resistance to Monroe – but it’s more the lack o
  • Hey, Rachel – Charlie’s not trying to go out meeting boys, or selling her body (although to be fair, she has tried!) – I’d try a bit harder if I were you to stop her fighting those bastards!
  • “It’s a frigging flash drive?!” – well, yes Aaron, keep up! We knew that 11 episodes ago! It’s the question of what was on that flash drive that’s the important bit.
  • And finally, 28 minutes in, we find out the theme of the week – CROSSBOWS! Straight through the chest! TWICE!
  • Seriously, Charlie – why bother blocking the door with a table? It’s as useless as your lack of character development.
  • I love how Miles’ resolution to every situation is basically just out-samurai the shit out of them. If he didn’t have insane fight skills, he would just be a complete snarky bastard version of Aaron.
  • “Good to see you, Rachel” – something tells me that he won’t be seeing her for much longer.
  • “The way to protect the many is to keep the power in the hands of the few” – that’s one way to keep the series moving!
  • Surprise! We’re machine gunning you! And as expected, Rachel escapes! And Colm Feore gets to have a look of “I’LL GET YOU HARRY POTTER, YOU SEE IF I DON’T!”
  • There’s a mighty load of machine gunning, crossbows, and a good deal of hacking with a sword, just for all fans of brutal deaths in this episode.
  • The rebels seem to be forgetting the old adage – never bring a knife to a gun fight! You’ve got to find some fun guns to actually combat Monroe.
  • Miles is a damn wrecking ball. I expect to see him knock down some walls with the sheer force of his snark.
  • Seriously, I get that Charlie’s emotional apology to Rachel is supposed to be emotional, but could someone tell that to the muscles in her face?
  • “There’s this place. It’s called The Tower.” Huge revelation there.


  • Oh good – Colm Feore can track pendants. That’s a nice convenient plot twist. Something tells me that Randall won’t be able to give Monroe everything. A son would be a good suggestion of a thing he couldn’t provide.
  • You really really have to be stupid to have an evil scar and look sinister into the camera – obviously you’re gonna be backstabbed and forced to give the diamonds back – just be glad this isn’t the molten gold week, or disembowelment week.
  • So Monroe doesn’t trust Randall. There’s a surprise.


  • FINALLY! We learn about Randall! Neville was an insurance broker (turned batshit insane guy when a guy broke into his house), Rachel was a scientist taking an opportunity to save her (ultimately useless and annoying, but quite handy with a rocket launcher) son, and now we find out Randall was an army dad. And former Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense. And Rachel’s old boss. And evil bastard.
  • It seems Mr Flynn was a bit of a prick to Rachel even before the lights went off (I refuse to call it a blackout, cause that just reminds me how much I miss FlashForward!), forcing her and Ben to work harder and ignore their reservations with this mysterious massive weapon they’re creating (I sadly suspect it’s going to be a power bomb or something stupid). They’re not the only eggheads who work for him.
  • And there’s another reference to that mysterious Tower. Who let Randall give orders when his son just died? Obviously his decisions are going to be motivated by fury! He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a position of power without a clear head!

Another good, if flawed episode there. Like I said last week, if you don’t take it seriously, it’s one of the best shows on network television. Sadly there are so so so many holes to pick! Also, next week looks like it has one of my favourite parts of Revolution – a shit-ton of Giancarlo Esposito being evil!

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